True Repentance!

Many years ago.. I heard this awesome explanation of repentance that literally almost bought me to tears and a place of true brokenness before God..

We say we repent but I don’t think we truly understand what true repentance is..

Let me share with you an example.. from the bible and I hope that you will read it and be enlightened knowing that this was the message of Jesus… “REPENT! FOR THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN IS AT HAND”

2 Sam 12:1-13 paints a mighty ugly picture.. David ( the man after God’s own heart) had sinned and in a big way.. He had taken Bathsheba, the wife of Uriah and not only had he slept with her, but he had gotten her pregnant and as the scandal continues he has her husband killed after trying to fix it and make Uriah think it was his baby.. Somehow there was the irony that God doesn’t let anything get by in this story!

After David had done all of this under the rug and hadn’t openly revealed to anyone his sin.. The Lord sends a prophet to him.. and that prophet tells him a story and in that story the prophet exposes his sin and David openly confesses that he has sinned against the Lord..

Have you ever been to a counseling session where the person is explaining away their part of the incident and refuses to confess they were wrong.. well, David had been living a life with Blinders on… unwilling to even notice his own wrong any longer.. I wonder how that was working for him… Nathan had to come and point it out.. and when he did.. David was furious at the person who in turn was ‘Him’….

After Nathan left.. David fasted and spent many nights lying in sackloth on the ground.. This was what repentance looked like in the story of that orator on that night..
It was such a beautiful picture of a person who was broken for their sin.. it was not so much that we choose to acknowledge our sins before God by simply saying “Sorry” See I have children of my own, and when they do something to harm each other.. I tell them.. Now it is only right that you ask that child’s forgiveness.. but you could tell in their words and attitudes they really didn’t mean it.. But it is different when you feel so sorrowful that you begin to cry, maybe even lay out on your knees before the Lord in tears and acknowledge the thing you did, it was wrong and you realize that it made HIM sad and not only do you acknowledge it and are repentful about it.. But you will change and do your best not to let him down that way again..

you see to repent means to change your mind.. Now this is another thing people look at so small… as though it is something that happens in a nano-second.. but let me tell you to change your mind is a process.. it is a decision you make on a daily basis..

This is what Jesus Requires of us..

A decision on a daily basis not to do the thing, say the thing… think the thing that makes HIM sad or breaks HIS heart or brings HIM grief.. Have you ever truly repented!


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