When A Blessing Dries up!

This story was instrumental to me today and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share it hoping that it would bless somebody else..

Ever heard that saying: “Some people come into your life for a season, others for a reason and others for a lifetime.”

Have you ever met someone that you thought was a true blessing in your life.. I mean you could remember them being there for you when you really needed them, and you could remember them not failing you, you thought this was definitely the person that was sent by God to be there for you… at that time.. Then the relationship dried up.. it got stale and there was even a stench, you didn’t like being around that person.. it felt like you both were going in two different directions and you wondered… Why is that???

This story is about a similar instance that proves a point that even when a thing if Good and it indeed is God…. it can still come to an end… For many different reasons.. God is still God and His essence doesn’t change just because your situation or circumstance did ….

Turn in your bible when you get a chance and read this fascinating story in 1 Kings 17:1-7

Now this is a striking story because if you get a background on it you will learn that Elijah had just come from doing the Lord’s bidding.. He had went and told Ahab what the Lord had said.. and was bold enough to say…”At my word” There will be rain again!

Don’t we remember this story in the book of James when it is mentioned.. That Elijah, a man with like passions such as us prayed and rain fell on the ground after it had not for 3 1/2 years.. But the text takes it’s own twist and turns..

Elijah is told to go to the brook after speaking to Ahab… That’s right it is very possible it was God’s will you were in that place, in that relationship whatever the case.. and the Lord had commanded ravens to feed him.. Elijah was sustained there.. Yes, Elijah had his needs met and was quite content in hiding.. Until one day… it came about that the brook… that had water in it with no rain miraculously.. the place he was sent by God.. Dried up…. and then the word of the God came to him, not telling him to resuscitate but to leave the brook..

The thing that was once a blessing was now… Dried up and not giving him what he needed to sustain him.. The raven would not come.. b/c it had not a command from God..

Then God told him what to do next….And he didn’t sit there complaining saying.. “Now this must not be God.. I have to try my best to bring this brook back to life, you see it’s not possible this brook would dry up if the Lord said it was my brook and the Lord has sent this provision”…. No, Elijah simply got up at the word of the Lord and kept it moving.. to this widow’s house.. You know the one.. The one he expected to be rich… and well, she was poor and a single momma, but she had been commanded to feed him.. How about it? The Lord sustained him in ways he did not think were possible during this time, but the Lord did do it! Through different people..

Did Elijah keep the bird as his pet raven?? Not at all.. Is there any record that after the famine was over he stayed with that widow and her son… Not that I read.. but it came about that what the Lord wanted him to have in one season although He was still Elijah’s provider and Elijah trusted God, he had to continue in obedience, because wherever the Lord guides He will provide, we must be fluid enough to move when He says so!


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