What does maturity look like!

The bible says you are to be perfect/mature/holy/ have integrity, even as your Heavenly Father…. That text speaks volumes.. Because I start thinking at that statement.. I need true deliverance..

Just today, I was on the phone with the bank account.. By the way I do believe this divinely occurred.. No, something is spiritual about this..
I went to my bank account today and checked it, just for checks and balances.. I had logged off when I thought to myself.. Wait a moment, I just glanced at my savings account and it didn’t look like the right amount.. Therein was the discrepancy.. I logged back in immediately and saw that money had been taken out of my account that was credited to my other account then taken out.. Isn’t that absolutely amazing!

I was furious, immediately.. Having just read today about loving God or money.. In the second question Jesus introduced.. I called the bank trying to be as polite as possible at first.. No, really I was.. but money was missing from my account.. And I didn’t move it.. This was sad and scary, because I didn’t think I was wrong, but how many times in the past have I thought I was right and turned out furiously wrong..
When the lady said she could clearly see where the money had been taken out of one account and there was no record of it being placed in the other account all they could give was words of regards and keep me on long and extended holds..
Let me just say right now.. all this writing about spiritual maturity was tested.. I wanted to be taking a nap on my day off, I wanted to be doing other things than sitting here worrying about where the money in my bank account went..

I’m trying to be a good steward I tell myself.. I tithe and give to God.. I don’t know why then this would take place.. just when a sister is trying to save up some money so I don’t live paycheck to paycheck.. Are you kidding me.. I am sitting on the phone at least an hour when it dawns on me..

“This is just a test!”

I had gotten loud with the lady when she came back to the phone and told me she didn’t even know when the money would be available to me.. Isn’t that the most ridiculous thing you could hear.. I didn’t want explanations.. Patience had gone out the window and had shattered into pieces..
Now I do know what maturity would have looked like in this situation.. Truly loving that banker as a sister in Christ and having patience with her as it is not her fault that the bank had a discrepancy with my money.. I took it out on her completely.. I blamed her for the discrepancy because she could not fix it.. And by the way.. this isn’t the first time this has happened..
Banks tend to make “mistakes” with me all the time.. and maybe it’s just that I’m with the wrong bank and need to change out.. but the truth is I’ve been with this bank so long and they are so well known that if I said the name of the bank everyone would know who they were.. and I don’t want to give them a bad name.. “Capital One”..


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