Taking off the past!

I have to share today what I got out of studying Ex.3:5….

You should know this story.. it’s the story of Moses at the burning bush.. What was the first question God asked Moses?

“Take off your sandals, for the place you are standing is holy ground”

Wait a moment.. What does Moses’ shoes have to do with anything? Why wouldn’t God tell him to take off all of his clothes in that respect if the place is holy everything he has on would be irrelevant.. I think it correlates well with Jesus washing the disciples feet!

Why would He wash their feet of all things.. Because their feet were the dirtiest part of their bodies.. The feet will always tell where you have been, they tell your experiences, your history, your story.. That’s the same thing I believe God was getting at here in the text.. When He speaks to Moses and says to him.. Take off your sandals … why? the place you are now, at this moment is holy ground.. There’s no room to go back into where you have been.. See the place you are now is the only place that matters.. It’s the holy place that will require everything.. In order for God to pour new things into us He must first be given the right to know that everything that we were taught before we are willing to erase for Him..

God wanted Moses to recognize where he was.. Moses may have thought the burning was just a strange sight, but it was an encounter that would change his life forever! He had to become willing at that moment to let God reshape his way of thinking. he had to be willing to let God wash him of all his past had taught him so that he could learn things afresh and anew!

Are we even willing to have God do that in our lives.. Are we willing to throw out our old ideologies and theologies to allow God to move in our lives and heal us and change us forever for the good?

Wasn’t it Joshua who was getting ready to run up on the captain of the angels armies.. Wasn’t he in for a surprise when the angel told him where he had come from.. Joshua fell down and worshiped… after first.. Taking off his shoes.. We cannot worship God if we keep our old views.. If all we are going to do is take our old experiences to Him.. He cannot be best glorified.

Wasn’t it Jacob who was asleep and had an encounter with God and when he woke up, did he not say.. in awe.. This is the house of God and I didn’t know it!

God can make our cars, or our living room His house, when He decides to come in, we must be able to recognize that it is Him.

God wants to be on a one on one friendship term with us.. He doesn’t want to be distant and far away.. But that will depend somewhat on if we are willing to take off our past and allow Him to put new wine into us and fill us all over again..
I know we sometimes find solace in holding on to the past.. But God is saying in order to truly get what He has for us we must first release completely what has been!


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