I couldn’t help it!

Today I was sitting at the library.. I got up to help my son log on as I noticed a 12 year old girl trying to write a paper.. With many many errors.. and I began to correct them one by one.. without even trying…

Can I just say.. I’m not the best writer, and I do have a lot of work to do myself.. There is so much I myself could learn and would love to learn all the more about it.. But I had to sit her down and ask her to read to me what she had written and when she did she said … Nah, that doesn’t sound right and then she was able to make the proper adjustments.. I was so proud of her that she got it…
I knew it was none of my business.. but I simply wanted to be of help.. I couldn’t proof read her entire paper, I wish I could have but then I would have really been out of place..

As my children looked on they were puzzled probably thinking inwardly.. Why is mama stopping what she is doing to help this little girl whom we don’t know and whom doesn’t know us and didn’t even ask her help..

People.. I strongly think my passion has been identified.. Year after year.. Time after time.. It’s the thing I do without effort! The thing I do without even consciously choosing to.. I sadly feel I’m in the wrong profession certainly I would get more out of editing and proofreading and publishing than anything else …

This is me.. This is who I am..
Whether I like it ….or not!


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