Political issues in view!

This afternoon I took my kids and we headed out of the house.. The library was going to be our first stop for the day!
As soon as we arrived, we were stopped by a “white man” who was trying to get me to sign a petition for something!

I didn’t quite understand the statement he wanted me to make with him.. So I simply asked to be able to look further into it..

When I got inside the library I basically had to get into a political conversation with the librarian to explain to me example what bill of goods I was being sold..

Ever think of the things you sign your name on and you have no clue exactly what it is.. All you know is when the person presented it, it sounded good.. Well, that’s exactly what would have happened to me today.. Had I not stopped him in his tracks and said I’m not signing anything until I know exactly what the meaning behind it is..

Granted there are some things I don’t agree with and I stand on my beliefs.. But at the same time.. It’s very important not to just stand with anyone just because they are standing!


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