Entertaining Angels!

Have you ever met someone…. somewhere in the course of your life.. Most the time it is briefly! You had an encounter with a person who seemed to have a different spirit, a different heart than anyone else you normally interact w/. And when that person walked away, you said to yourself .. I feel like I’ve been in the presence of an angel. There’s no other way I can explain it!

Some people have near death experiences or they are in a situation where they are being robbed or it may appear someone is winning a battle win suddenly out of no where they lose their ammunition and while you are laying or standing there feeling like you should be dead or in a much worst state, you get an experience w/ something or someone other than and there’s just no way to explain it!

Well, this is how Jacob, Isaac’s son felt.. This is one of those times in the bible we are left baffled as Jacob is leaving an encounter w/ his father in law whom he has just run away from who has no doubt come to harm him…. but the Lord protected him. Jacob gets the opportunity to speak his mind with this man and is protected from anything negative, for the Lord already warned him not to say anything good or bad to Jacob.. yet when he walks away and Jacob turns to go the other way.. He gets a profound sense of something greater and he knows.. It’s the “angels of God” he had his camp of people but there was another camp.. A camp of angels with them.. He hadn’t noticed them before but now he rightly recognizes they are there and meets them on the way..

When was the last time you realized the presence of a camp of angels was protecting you!?
He has given his angels/ Ministering spirits… Sometimes people.. Charge over you!

God bless!


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