ASK me anything!

Once I walked into a store, or wait, was it a church or some other organization.. anyway, everyone had on name tags that said… “Ask me! I can help” Wait I think that was at the college… Who knows.. but it was a business of the sort, and it made me very inclined to ask them for anything as it pertained to that particular subject I had walked in the doors for and hopefully b/c they worked or served there they had the ability to help me accomplish what I needed to do while I was utilizing their facility!

I thought of that in  context with what  I read today, that statement jumped out to me..every one seemed so friendly and had smiles on their face and were ready to help.. within the scope of what they did for a living, without sacrificing anything of their personal belongs or self outside the scope of work they were not just saying “Ask me anything, as though I could ask them a question about geology or how clouds form or how to raise a child… no it was simply a person saying.. “Ask me for anything, within the scope of this store and I will try my best to help you or direct you to the person who can help assist with what you need”..They were not in turn saying, ask me to help you balance your budget.. Nah, go pay a financial planner for that.. they had only a paycheck to gain from their employer and well, that employer could change anytime either one of them got ready… and they couldn’t give me anything I asked for either way… say I needed salvation for my soul and to have peace in my heart…. This was something you would think only God had power to really do..

In the 34th chapter of Genesis something amazing happens.. After Shechem ( The prince of the town they lived in) has taken note of Dinah, (Jacob’s only daughter named of all his 11 sons thus far)… he rapes her.. You got it, the first rape in the bible that is written..

Dinah decided she wanted to go out among the treacherous women of Canaan, and well, not just one of the men.. Shechem was “the man” in that town.. As a matter of fact the place was named after him.. This boy was one of the prep kids, his daddy was like the ruler of that little town, they bought their little tents from Shechem’s dad.. it was obvious he had something to offer her parents for her if he wanted to do things the right way and have enough patience to ask for her first. Shechem was a little weaker than that… give the boy some slack.. Instead of waiting for her in a moment of lust Shechem is caught up, and he takes Dinah by force.. (but this wasn’t like Amnon who took Tamar and then hated her afterwards..) He was intimate with her and the bible doesn’t say she screamed out for help, or anything, although rape is normally not very good to experience.. what if it was by someone this was spoken about afterward…  and he “loved” her and spoke kindly to her! I can imagine that was different.. For I can’t believe a person who loved a person that deeply could really Harm them!

When Shechem approached his father, he gave the command.. “Get me this girl for my wife” This meant whatever it cost.. Whatever we have to pay, even if it’s up to giving this whole place away..let’s do it for her!

Have you ever had anyone remotely love you with that sort of power??

That’s an amazing love to have all that and have so much influence over his father that he could tell him to give it all up.. for 1 girl..
Hamor (Shechem’s father) goes to Jacob and says in so many words: “My son, he’s madly in love with your daughter.. We are willing to make you an even more rich man for her” we will offer you half the land we live in, you can marry our daughters live in it trade in it.. Do whatever you like.. we will share it with you.. Just give us your daughter Dinah, we will pay you!

Now this was the beauty in having a  daughter financially these days and probably why she cost less in bible days to become a slave, b/c dowry cost could have made you rich if you were poor and the right man offered to marry your daughter.. this is why many men loved to have a house filled with daughters although men were mentioned most in the family line, the woman had so much power as to draw men and make their parents rich..
Hamor was saying.. No price is too high for my sons desire.. I’m thinking to myself.. goodness, I wish I had parents like this.. But it’s obviously a true desire in Shecem’s heart to have Dinah and more than that he’s trying to right his wrong..

Has anyone ever tried to right a wrong by offering up everything to the one they offended in some point in time.. to receive their favor and forgiveness?? This is the question that daunts me.. b/c I would offer up and apology and maybe a small token with sincerity.. but for me to give up half what I have and share it with another person… for my child. That’s a whole other kind of love..
I wonder do we have that kind of love today that would say.. “To get what my child wants for them.. Ask me anything?

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