Under Construction

This past week we started the reconstruction process at my job! We are finally remodeling the floor! After every other floor in the hospital had been remodeled… we were sort of looking around like they had forgotten about us, having taken a stroll through other hospitals, I realized we were way behind on reconstruction. Instead of building another wing or another floor, we were remodeling out own floor and that was exciting.. We had expected it to begin the week of Christmas, but it was delayed and we just kept waiting thinking somehow they wouldn’t get around to it.. We had seen all the new tiles and the way the new floor would look and boy it sure did look immaculate.. We were all excited and waiting for the reconstruction to take place, although we were all forewarned that this process would be a strenuous one we didn’t care because they said it was “only” 2 months and we would be all done!

Well, the 2 month hour glass has begun and it is amazing, I don’t think we thought through the process of remodeling..
It is true reconstruction.. From the inside out! It’s not just going and putting in new furniture.. it’s going in and not only taking out old furniture but demolishing what was and building and entirely new foundation to the floor.. The tiles and floors would be redone and we would have a new wood floor look and we would have new restroom sinks and granite counters and we would certainly have roomier rooms and they were moving the nurses station down to the end of the hall..
Many people came through and asked.. “What are they building, a rehab center?” it’s hard to believe all we are doing is remodeling and beautifying what already was..

But the process of transforming a whole floor is not as fun as we assume when we are in the process of making it happen! The process of making a new look for the floor means hard labor.. It means there will be noise, and hammering and more importantly discomfort for all those involved.. Those who have to work on other floors even heard the noise and began to voice complaints as nurses and other staff would pass central station they were voicing complaints to anyone who would listen about how they hated the men who were doing the re-construction..

We love to see the end of the process but who loves to go through the process? Who loves to experience inward change.. it’s much easier to just decorate what we have or move somewhere else.. no one wants the process but we want the end result and I’m afraid when we encounter what is necessary to get to that place we desire we shy away thinking… nah, this may be just a little too much.. Let me complain about this to whoever will listen, let me bellyache and tell myself all the bad things about what’s going on.. And hopefully this will make the process be over.. some people even quit and give up in the midst of the process!


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