In His Steps!

I have to say there are some days.. I look at other Christian, or in particular those who say they are called to be “pastors” or leaders in the church and I expect them to be “super human”!

When you think the word “Pope” or “priest” or “Father” or “Bishop” or even “Pastor/ Elder” “Ordained minister” for that matter.. They are all supposed to be licensed Christians who are certified to live life a certain way, and anything that deviates from that.. man, it puts a bad taste in our mouths doesn’t it..
We shudder to think that a “leader” in the church, if it is an usher that is short with us.. Or a prayer team member that needs prayer themselves are completely out of order.. and when the praise team sings everyone on the stage had better look like Jesus joy is flowing all through them..
And us.. Well, we are just “Lay” people right.. We don’t have the job of actually “being” saved.. We don’t have the same responsibility to God that they do to live in a way that pleases Him..

Let me tell you, yesterday I was well aware of the fact that ALL of us fall short.. Not some of the time … ALL of the time..
It happened, at Amazing Jakes with my children.. I had paid online and took them thinking we were just in for a grand ol’ time… I had in my heart from my quiet time that morning that everything I did,every decision I made would be centered around the “what would Jesus do” mantra.. That’s what I was basing my life on..
While I used to be a called office in the church walking as a Minister I no longer am part of it.. So,  I take it upon myself to live a life that is acceptable to God b/c and simply b/c I am a Christian.. no other reason.. But for some reason I had woke up on the wrong side of the bed and when that kid told me to pull out my phone and show him the receipt and that I had to actually pay for the Lanions I was upset.. I got an attitude problem really quick.. As though I were one that had not prayed at all or been filled with the spirit and All … and I realized how much we miss it, even in the little things.. Even in not loving others as ourselves with our rude little attitudes that would never draw others to Christ,and if they knew we were a Christian they would not want to be one..
Why is that the case? That I can mess up and be imperfect even in an endeavor to walk in His steps and those who are just as human as me who walk in their calling cannot..

What a thought!

If we are not daily being filled continually sometimes hour by hour with the Holy Spirit.. we will fall flat on our faces in this walk called Christianity and souls will not be saved and God will not be glorified.. and let us stop holding others to standards we are not able to keep ourselves!


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