Treasures in hidden places

Have you ever experienced something that was so good.. You thought it was too good to be true.. But when you evaluate the time frame you experienced it in you sit back and say… Hm.. How could “all this good come out of all this bad”

“It was the best time times and the worst of times, all at the same time” Ever had that happen to you? The sad thing is sometimes we are so blind-sighted by that “worst of times” moment that we miss that best of time moment locked up in it!

Seeing clearly is one of the hardest things to do in a time of suffering.

Coming upon the celebration of my mother’s birthday… Here on the earth she would have been 56 yrs old. It doesn’t feel like the years pass so fast, but this will be the 6th birthday I will live to see in memorial of her. Talk about “The Worst of Times” ..

When mother dies.. it’s not quite like anyone else.. I don’t care how close you are to them.. Mama, if she raised you or not will always have a special place. Mama used to always tell me.. “You only get one”.

But this treasure is found only when I am able to see past the tears and gauge all the things I’ve learned in my years with her and pull out of it a better me… to show forth her legacy!

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