Stalking Jesus

Let me start off by giving you a working definition of what a “stalker” is… To pursue obsessively and to the point of harassment.

Now I want to ask you a question: Have you ever been stalked by someone, or have you yourself ever stalked anyone?
You know the feeling, that feeling like your being watched..
I’ve never been stalked, and I’ve never stalked anyone, but I’ve seen it in the movies.. Where the person is waiting out in the parking lot and they take pictures of the ex lover who left them after a “good time”, I’ve seen it get so bad that the person has moved to another town to avoid someone who was obsessed with them and it’s almost saddening but the reality of life is that we live in a world where people are free to become infatuated and obsessive over objects and people they don’t even know..
There is a story that comes to mind I would like to ponder out loud with you about..

it happened that a man was headed to a party.. and he was looking forward to a fun time at this festival.. he was headed to a friends house.. A friend whom he had helped out a lot in the past.. You might as well say he “saved the friend’s life” this friends name was Simon.. and well, he goes and sits back at the table talking to him and all his guess.. when someone walks in.. Oh she’d been looking for him for quite awhile.. She had been wanting the opportunity to see him again.. Longing for the chance just to lay eyes on him.. She was “in love with the man” so even though she wasn’t invited to this particular party, she came to crash it because she wanted to get to the guest of honor .. the man I’m speaking of.. But he wasn’t treated like the guest of honor, even though he had helped Simon in such a great way, even saved his life once.. Simon didn’t really “love” him as much as this “lady” did.. She pressed her way through.. stalking him.. Obsessive behind him.. She was coming up unannounced… “harassing” him in a sense… The people all around were indignant they knew what kind of woman she was.. She was good at giving men a “good time” why would she even be there trying to stalk this one.. Although she could hear the whispers, she knew what they were saying…. but despite her embarrassment and shame she went up to the man anyway.. Do you know what she did when she got close enough.. What most stalkers want to do to the one they adore, admire and obsess over.. She took her hair down… she poured her love on Him.. it came out just like the most expensive perfume you could ever buy from a bottle.. She poured her love all over him and you could sense the fragrance of that beautiful smell all throughout the room!Yet there were those there who wondered.. How much money we could make if we sell something like that.. Yet because of her love for him.. She poured it all.. Every drop of it.. on this one person … in this one event.. and he didn’t stop this woman.. although she was obviously obsessed and obviously had some real issues going on because all these men were telling him about her..

He honored her for one thing…

Her ability to stalk him well…

This man was Jesus and this woman was the Mary who was the sister of Martha… that’s who John named her while the other men simply called her a sinner..

She had been forgiven much.. And so she no doubt chose to lavish her love on Him..
Will you do such a thing for a person?? Will you do such a thing for a thing? Search for it/ them until you found them.. and when you found them.. Would you be so bold as to pour your love on them.. when they aren’t even looking your way because of something they did for you.. even if it were just in your heart..
Boy, this season of my life, I sure would like to be a Christ Stalker.. Madly in love with the Christ and lavishing my love on Him.. seeking Him out to find out where He is and when I find Him, knowing exactly what I will do… Lavish my love on Him.. Desiring nothing more than to do what He requires!


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