Divine Appointment!

This morning I was reading something that really jumped out at me and I knew that this was going to be something great to share..

A couple of days ago I caught a movie on Netflix, the movie was about an African American man who had been wrongly accused of the murder of a caucasion woman..

maybe you’ve heard this story before, it actually happened.. it was a form of a documentary. This has happened a lot even in recent years. This African American man was innocent.. and it wasn’t like he was just saying the regular cliche all the convicts say.. He really was innocent.. and after 30 years in jail.. after having given half his life doing time in prison.. on death row.. They learned he was not only mentally retarded, but there was no way he could have killed that woman.. he held on to his same statements throughout the entire time that he had not killed this lady, but no one believed him.. Evidence was actually bought up against him that had been planted and he was penalized for a crime he didn’t commit. I cried as they showed him walking out of the prison b/c something inside of me burned with indignation.. Something wasn’t right about it..

This only reminded me of a story I had read in the bible about a man named Joseph. After having been stripped of his robe and placed in a well, he was taken out and sold into Egypt.. I couldn’t believe all the injustice when not only his brothers had been unfair.. but he gets there and gets promoted b/c God is with him.. then his boss/ Master’s wife lies on him.. The worst thing was he wasn’t even given a fair trial, he wasn’t required to face her at all.. He was just thrown in prison.. no one even cared about his side of the story!

Now he’s in prison and something jumps off.. these two men are thrown in.. and b/c the favor was on him even in the prison.. he was in charge of Pharaoh’s chief Cupbearer and chief baker..

I am amazed to even think of this.. They both have a dream in the same night and they need an interpretation.. And guess whose got what they need… Joseph.. he granted an accurate interpretation and only asked one favor..
When the cupbearer was put back in his position Joseph asked if he would simply remember him.. he recounted that he really didn’t belong there in the prison.. and that he wanted to get out..

The cupbearer forgot him and the bible even adds that he did not remember him.. Until one day.. Pharaoh has a dream.. and after all the magistrates and astronomers are called.. Guess who remembers Joseph…

He’s shaved and has now come in to interpret the dream of the king of Egypt.. He’s on point and accurate and in a matter of moments he’s taken from a position of prisoner and is made a prince..

One divine moment.. took him from one status to another.. in a moment.. this man was married and was able to have children, and even see his father and brothers again.. after all he went through.. for this divine moment.. he served as the Prince of Egypt many years in a position that paled in comparison to where he had started out.. It was what his own dreams were all about.. It was a process.. and when he reached the end of it.. He counted it all up.. and said … You sent me hear for evil.. but God turned it around and worked it out for good..
Divine appointments… Look for them every day.. b/c as sure as there is a God.. they happen every day!


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