Dreams do come true!

Have you ever been to Disney World before? As a child you want to go, as an adult you want to take your children.. It becomes like one of the places to visit before you die.. Everyone should experience it right? Mickey and Minnie together dancing on the stage, and now all the new characters which have been created cause for all the more commotion about why the theme park prices go up every year. But this place was coined “The place where dreams come true many years ago as I was growing up! Why is that? Because the created made the park such a fascinating park that only the people who had been there in those long lines and have been there to experience the heat of being outside in summer and paying the really high admission know what it’s like and even though they come back with complaints sometimes, we totally look past the complaints they had, if someone hasn’t been there they still want to go. I went to Walt Disney World 2 times in my 16th year and the only thing I remember about it was meeting this little girl that had cancer and being her best friend. I remember her face, I wanted to keep it with me always.. That trip to me was a dream come true only because of her. I got a chance to really love on another person.. She was about 7 years old and she was the sweetest little one, I don’t think she’s still alive today, but the connection I made with her was so beautiful it went beyond time.. I don’t remember any of the rides and I took them all twice in 2 months.. How amazing is that..

However, today I want to talk about ta different type of dream…. this one took 13 years to come true. This morning as I did my morning time study I ran across a dream that was now coming to fruition.. after 13 years of being tested and not looking like it would happen at all! Now this was absolutely amazing for me to consider b/c from the looks of things just a 7 years before this day, no one would have dreamed this could have happened.

It was the fruition of Joseph’s dream. Just a quick review of his life.. He was loved by his dad because he was 1 of 2 boys born to his mother whom his father absolutely loved. Joseph and Benjamin were the 2 loved out of 12.. As you could imagine the other 10 weren’t happy about not “feeling” so loved and protected by their father. A family with real issues On top of all this Joseph has 2 dreams, in which he seems to see himself as ruler over his brothers, mother and father.. Well, they decide to strip Joseph of his coat one day out of jealousy, and they decide that Joseph should be “quieted” thrown in a ditch and left for dead.. But they can’t go through with it, thinking they could get some money out of it… they sell him into slavery in Egypt thinking he would simply suffer the rest of his life.. Nah, the Lord was with this boy and he was in the highest position in Potiphar’s house when something else dramatic happens. Joseph is lied on by Potiphar’s wife and placed in jail.. can you imagine it. Now he’s seemingly rotting away in prison, none of these scenario’s look like he’s on his way to any dreams coming true. But one day, by a strange course of events he meets the King’s cupbearer and baker and he interprets a dream for them, and one is restored to his position.. and one day by a miracles course of events Pharaoh has a dream and guess who is needed to interpret it and within one day Joseph goes from prisoner to prince of Egypt. He is riding on the kings chariot and people are bowing to him as he walks the streets, he has a ring on his hand and wears a much nicer robe than his daddy gave him.. He is no doubt prince.. so what about this dream that his brothers will bow down… well that day arrives and we get to see how the drama unfolds as he has to work through forgiving his brothers and even taking care of them in a time of severe famine when he could have very well let them die.

Sometimes when your dreams come through, you might have some people who tried to stop it to forgive along the way and you might be require to show that forgiveness in your action…

A call to maturity!


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