Somethings behind it!

Have you ever had a course of events happen in your life that cause you to think… Hm… something is behind all this. Whether the events are what some call a “String of good luck” or whether it’s just a long time of negative things occurring.

Yesterday, I thought something was behind my lunch time.. Why on earth was I so clumsy, during my lunch. I’d gone out to my car to sit out and enjoy the beautiful weather while I ate and afterwards I was hopeful to get in a small nap. When I had sat to eat, I sat my food in the seat that was next to mine. I ate from it, nothing happened, nothing fell…. at first. I was eating bbq chicken wings and corn nuggets. Now I know this wasn’t the healthiest meal, and I wish I would have said salad.. But I was struggling with the bbq all over my hands constantly having to wipe them but they were never really clean, because we all know you have to clean bbq off with soap and water only. I finished eating and as soon as I finished and tried to pull my own seat back to nap, the plate falls. I think to myself.. Hm.. nothing was different on the plate than what was on it just a few moments ago. I picked it up and lay back down to rest. When I woke up no sooner than I picked the food up to put it in the garbage, it had fallen all over the car.. I was a little upset by this time, wondering if I had sticky fingers or what? I carried it to the trash, but I also had a lemon cookie in my hand.. Now this will be the disgusting part… As soon as I got upstairs to start eating it, with those bbq sticky fingers, I dropped the cookie. Now I don’t know about you, but I think.. there was something behind all that dropping of the food..LOL!

The story I speak about today however really did have something behind it.

It comes from Gen 42:26-28

Joseph’s brothers come back and have to bow before him, just like what he saw in his dream. So this is the realization of a dream coming true but also something else is happening. After knowing it’s him, he treats them harshly, puts them in jail 3 days and then lets them out and only keeps one of them.. knowing they’d have to bring Ben back..He commands them not to return without Benjamin their youngest brother b/c if they did he would consider them spies. After this he gives them “extra grain” in their sacks.. Now imagine these grown men, If you don’t know the story, I’m sorry, ask for my notes the last few days, but Joseph’s life reads from ch. 37-50 in Genesis. The turn of events is as such. They have had to come to Egypt, the place they sold their brother for bread, you see, there was now a “famine” in the land and they would die if they didn’t get food! They go, not knowing that the brother they sold in fact was not dead but was most certainly well and ruling the land and all they needed they had to get from him.

I can’t help but think of Jesus in all of this. It is said that Jesus’ brothers, the other 11 tribes of Israel, the Jews, they hated him, they were jealous of him and Judas sold him out, just as Joseph’s 11 brothers did. Yet as the story line goes on.. Jesus comes to a place of prominence after only 3 the right hand of God and now for the issue that concerns eternal life,he is ruler.His brothers and not only them but as in Joseph’s case the whole nation had to bow down to him in or to receive what they need to live… eternally!

But a turn of events is happening, in the lives of these brothers of Joseph, they are just going for grain, then suddenly they get accused as spies, and put in jail because they told the truth about their family, seemingly for no reason at all. And when they were released they connected the dots and said it was their brothers “blood on their hands” now they were thinking their sin has found them out and no doubt it had. They were getting ready to have to come clean even to their father about the lie they told him all those years ago and all they can remember is what happened all those years ago, as though it were no doubt the worst thing they had ever done and how they should have had compassion on Joseph when they saw the anguish of his soul as they threw him in a ditch more than 20 years prior. Suddenly, they were caused to remember! Now they get to the Inn and stop to pull some bread to eat when they all notice (because of Joseph) extra food has been placed in their sacks. So they are thinking, now he’ll think we’re thieves and spies,  we just barely got out of jail by the skin of our teeth, and now this.. “What is this that God has done to us” was their response. I love the way they drew that conclusion. I think they understood that “Nothing just happens”. and maybe they understood that “The Lord formed light and darkness, that He causes well-being and calamity” (Is. 45:7) The Lord has done what He purposed, and that Amos 3:6 says “If a calamity occurs in the city has not the Lord done it” Let us consider in all of our dealings God is not dead and neither is He asleep and always be mindful to be in right and good standing with Him. Maybe my unfortunate food incidents weren’t as bad as what the brothers of Joseph experienced but I truly feel we could all learn a lesson from this story.


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