How do you look! Favoritism

Isn’t that what it’s all about today? Is your hair style crunk? Do you have the nicest car or even phone these days? Are you up with the times, I can tell by the shoes your wearing if you have clout or not! That’s how we normally judge the way we’ll treat a new comer..
I was sitting out in my car eating lunch having some quiet time when a young African American woman walked up, she was bent over looking, my mama would have said “not carrying herself well..” even though her outfit wasn’t falling off of her or ripped… and her shoes didn’t have holes in them, how could the way the young lady carried herself told me anything about her?
Let me be momentarily honest enough to say… professionally, I probably wouldn’t have took her really seriously because there was nothing there to show presence.. and that’s what we look for in people right? Not if they are kind or can speak well, but are they confident in themselves.
It just so happens during this same lunch break I was studying in the 2nd chapter of the epistle james wrote..
And it spoke specifically about my inward thoughts concerning this young lady, I couldn’t help but be convicted on the spot.. I had gotten it wrong in my judgement of this women. What she wore and how she carried herself told me absolutely nothing about her eternal state…
Sometimes when we see people who look very well put together and they walk upright and they are dressed the best.. Sometimes those people are filled with pride and all sorts of other wickedness. Sometimes their hearts are filled with evil and they are going no where eternally.. and we honor them because they present well to us outwardly… well in my study time today I heard a word for us all.. it’s not about that at all!


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