Mercy triumphs justice

Ever been in a situation where you were wronged, and sure enough you were given the opportunity to face your accuser..  whether it was in court, or on the street, and it was within your power to harm them?? What did you choose?

We are seeing a period in our time I never thought we’d see.. the black young men that have had to lose their lives at the hands of police has been eye opening.. you do know before now we just simply took each other’s lives… well, sometimes.  Now we are faced with something different where we are supposed to be banding together to bring good out of bad.. but we’re matching bad… with bad.. and I wonder… I really wonder if we are making any leeway is all..

I was reading today in James 2 again where it talks about that great command to love one another..
Are you serious? I think if we lived by this one command from God this country would be in a different state..
As I close, the bible speaks into how we could gage of we are truly loving our neighbors the way he desires.. it simply says.. 
Is your mercy toward others triumphing your justice..
So if someone had harmed you or someone you knew or been a person you knew didn’t particularly like you and you had an opportunity to get even, the biblical advice would be to ask yourself this question…
Is my mercy overriding my justice!

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