How to handle offense

Have you ever had someone really do something that got under your skin, it could have been another driver on the road you were traveling, it may have been a sister or brother who was in your class, it could have been an offense that had nothing to do with you, but because you didn’t agree with the action you held something against the person or group of people that were culprits in the event..
Believe it or not some people hold on to these offenses for years and years and never become truly free of them, they always view that family member or co worker from the lens of that offense..
It’s not that we carry our feelings on our sleeve, they have no idea, we smile at them every day… but inwardly, something else is stewing and Everytime they make a mistake or do something else to add to that offense… well, it just makes your all the more angry because now it’s not their actions, the person simply gets under your skin.
It doesn’t matter how much you’ve prayed and you feel your a spiritual person but I’m about to show you why we’re not as spiritually mature as what we think..let’s look at a passage on scripture…since we have chosen to believe, we can’t argue with this..
Luke 17:3
“Take heed to yourself, if your brother sins against you, rebuke him; and if he repents forgive him.”

Now I know all you saw was that last statement..  “if he repents?”
This means we don’t have to forgive if the person doesn’t repent, but that might not be the best thing.
You see not forgiving an offense actually hurts you.
For the bible goes on to say in. Matt 18:15 if your praying and realize your brother had something against you.. leave your gift there.. go make things right first..
Wanna know how to handle an offense.. you be the first to say how you feel and be first to speak, first to apologize and first to forgive.


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