Hope Restored!

So, yesterday was one of many busy days…and at the end of the day….I was drained. There’s something about a long day..By the end of it, I’m ready for bed, and normally I sleep very well.

I’d worked a full day..Then picked up my little ones! even on the way there it wasn’t a wind down from the day.. I’d spent time on the phone with a friend laughing but at the same time I was missing valuable time with my little ones who had gone all day without spending any time with me outside of getting ready for school, and that’s a pretty hectic time of day!

Now, we were home but I was still unavailable for them.. While they had a hope I would just get off the phone and give them attention.. I had a hope that somehow the moment would come when they would be grown enough to understand that I needed time to unwind from my day as well and spend time having a life of my own..
My daughter and I had mother daughter time, but it went by so quick, see we had other things to do..I had to prepare them for the next day and we had a routine to keep nail polishing chatting time had been by-passed by the demands of the day.. time wasn’t waiting for me to pass by .. But as we completed our routine, it dawned on me…It’s almost  that time again..per the divorce decree, in less than a month, my children would be leaving to spend 6 weeks with their father… Well, I didn’t really like that, but on nights like this one.. I was thinking, maybe I should start counting down… Let’s see.. less than a month to go..What can I do with all that LONELY time to make life grand and fun..
Then I questioned my hope…We spend our entire lives planning for vacation and we never spend one moment planning to live in the day that we have right now..
We live ordinary lives.. instead of extraordinary.. We live natural lives instead of supernatural..

HOPE- Expectation of a thing… (good or evil) HOPE- anticipation!

Rahab, I’ll give you a little of her bio… she was a prostitute, but she met with some spies one day.. and they were part of the children of Israel.. and she lied for them to cover and protect them… and as a result her hole family was saved. But before they could get the salvation they were promised…

She had a hang a rope out of her window.. Do you want to know what they hope was called or what it symbolized…HOPE!

It was the anticipation of salvation!

Today we live in a society, where we put our hope in everything.. you see the bible says these three things remain.. Faith, hope and love.. and well the greatest is love but hope made the line up as an expectation..

A great friend of mine once told me.. You can go 7 days without water, and even 40 without food. but you will never live a moment without hope.. You see it’s more important than the air we breathe..
But if our hope is in something that is temporal..Like..When we get the next degree, or the better job or the more money, or the spouse or in my case the kids are gone for a couple of weeks.. We will see that just like water, it slips through our fingers and we’re left looking for a paper towel..

Hope… my friends.. shouldn’t be pseudo… as this world portrays it.. It’s amazing sometimes to watch those commercials… they promise that if you buy this car your life will have no worries.. or if you live in this neighborhood, all your life you’d have peace of mind.. But I’m here to tell you, no position, no place, even no person can last forever..
My hope is built on nothing less.. than Jesus blood and righteousness.. I dare not trust the sweetest frame, but wholly lean on Jesus name!

From Hope Displaced to hope Restored!

My hope is as Rahab’s…. to see the salvation of the Lord in the land of the living!


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