Making Wise Decisions!

How many know that as parents…Every decision we make matters..

When we have younger children…. It’s so easy to run out very quick. Rearing children is w/o a shadow of a doubt is one of the hardest things in the world to do..
Granted..I’ve met some people that tell me it’s easy..and maybe it was for them.. but for those of us who do it …Soberly..

Making foolish decisions come very easily!

How do we change that.. When we are trying to rear up responsible children that respect us while at the same time trying to train them to respect others..

W/o a manual…. many books, different methods…This book says this and that one that.. How do you choose wisely!

Choose your words wisely..

Choose your decisions before them wisely..

Choose your lifestyle wisely…

For the traits of the parents become the tendency of the children!

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