Hustle and Flow!

This blog is crunk!!

If you don’t read it somethings wrong with you!

Did you get thrown off by the title..Or was it intriguing for you to know exactly what I was talking about.

Normally, when we think of the word hustle..We think of the scheming underhanded drug dealer on the corner who is hustling..Making money under the table or doing something illegal..After all doesn’t the saying go: I’ve gotta get my hustle on!

Well, let me tell you what the webster definition of hustle is:

” Force (someone) to move hurriedly or uncermoniously in a specified direction. To obtain by forceful action or persuasion.”
This should grant you a little different perspective on it..But keep reading..I’m about to flow..

FLOW= The mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus.

Now during this time of year..we have a lot of college graduates..We have high school graduates, college graduates on every level and everyone seems to be celebrating one thing…FORWARD PROGRESS! Movement..
It’s about knowing that we aren’t just “Wasting away” but our lives are producing something …sometimes that something makes us proud and sometimes its for others..But because we chose to force our way in a specific direction we saw what the end result would be…

We were persuaded we would obtain our goal..So we developed a flow.

Today I was speaking to one of my co-workers..she’s going to New Orleans, and I was so excited for her..But I wasn’t excited in a way that I envied her and wanted to go too..See I was born and raised in New Orleans La…So there’s no hope for something that I have already experienced…but tell me your going to France..and I will save, hustle and flow to get there with you!

Hustle and Flow..It’s a very biblical concept take my word on it..I meditated on this a great part of the day..but I’m afraid if I expound on it too much you won’t read the whole blog..

When I’m in traffic..Sometimes I watch people jump in front of me..They are not willing to just go with the flow stuck behind that truck that’s not moving..So they hustle to get to their destination, and sometimes that involved forcefully cutting in front of others,and suddenly they find a flow where they can weed out all the gaps in the slackers and before you know it they’ve left others in their tracks miles back as they have progressed to their destination..
My point..Get a positive destination..and HUSTLE…and FLOW until you get er done!

Congrats to all who are still in the press …I see your end and it’s great!


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