An inspirational Thought!

Ever found yourself thinking having a bad day….or at least a moment that wasn’t the joyful opportunity you supposed every second to be..And you said within yourself..Oh, it’s just because today is Monday…or I didn’t get my sleep out..It was my children…or my spouse it was that co-worker on my job…they made me have a  bad thought and they messed up my day.
Taking absolutely no responsibility for our own thoughts, actions or words we fail to realize that the mind creates the brain..through your thoughts you are constantly creating life or death.
Remember the last time you watched a really funny comedy show and you laughed until there were tears in your eyes..Do you happen to remember a joke that was really funny to you…even if no one else..imagine that just thinking about that could change the hole structure of thought for you…You tend to smile when you  think of the funny things that happen, frown when you focus on the negative things and provoke serious concentration when you think about things that are serious.

What if you had a choice?? You could choose what you wanted to be, say and do…
Let’s imagine, you didn’t sleep well last night and your very tired today! Or that person really did cut you off while you were driving in the carpool and your child really did suddenly forget something in the house and you were already late…Let’s imagine that you really did have a spouse or significant other that got on your nerves…What if it were your choice…how you would respond, the way you would handle those situations all depends on how you look at it…
Perception is everything!


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