Deficiency in society

I’ve been grieved as I have read the news and watched the videos of people of a certain race and culture being abused and mistreated.I believe this issue has concerned many…yet no firm solution has come about..We used to look back at what happened in Dr.Martin Luther King’s time, Harriet Tubman..and so many others..But I fear in today we need leaders just like these …To stand not against injustice only…but against sin!

Imagine with me if you will..the incident that happened in McKinney just this week portrays a young girl who is crying out: “CALL MY MAMA!” continuously..
My first thought was …”Where’s your father?”

When I saw the single mother going out in the midst of a rowdy crowd to make sport of her son who was looting the first question I asked was “where is the FATHER!”

Who Knows!!!!

I spend a lot of time in churches that are for the most part racially biased.. and even though we’d like to break the racial divide in the church, this is the first place we must start for change…

I can say that Sunday morning still holds the most segregated hour in  the week..And it is a time where we are supposed to all be worshiping the same God.

yet, we are in an all out war against same sex marriage! “these people are going to hell in a hand basket some say, unless they repent” and churches make a huge deal to point out they don’t support it ..

What about men who get to walk away from their create children and mama’s baby becomes daddy’s maybe..

some people also declare specific war against abortion …and they say that the child has a voice from the moment of conception, it is taking a life and that right should be taken away..

But we have no problem accepting women and men who abuse children by molesting and beating them and doing many other hideous things.

Some people will argue deeply that the church needs to stand against racism..this is mainly black churches..but I hadn’t seen any “White churches” call a prayer meeting! Isn’t this amazing!
We have a sin issue..Have you not understood..
We don’t fight against the right to divorce..that’s a given..”No fault divorce” is the thing.. Why aren’t people picketing the court houses to not allow people to divorce in courts since they got married in a church, they should take that divorce up in the church..This is just saddening..b/c these are the things that melt my heart for they cause the break down of the family.. causing this little girl to call out…”CALL MY MAMA!” When she is in distress and being traumatized more than CALL MY DADDY!

The deficiency in our society is called SIN!


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