Wordless Worship


This story is about a woman….a sinner! We don’t even get mention of a name here in this account of her which is great because it sets forth the stage that we can slide our name in right here at some stage in our lives….But then again, nothing is mentioned about her accept what she does…There’s no real remarks from her in her own words.. at least not recorded in the text ..only the actions of her love pouring out on Jesus as best she knew how..
Now,try as I may, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to conjure up the true story of what must have been going on in her heart on that morning when she woke up..

(Jesus is in town…That man from Galilee…The one they call the prophet the one who heals people, the one who has power to set me free..Now I know..I’m nothing but a sinner and I’m known for getting around..but I also know that this is the same guy they talked about in the square with that woman caught in adultery…I heard about how he let her live! I’ve been through one of his seminars and this time I really want to get to him..I need to reach him..I have got to touch him this time..I know he’s a busy man, I know He has a full schedule and there’s lots for him to do…but if I can get to him..I know I have to give him something..I’m not going to be like that woman I heard about who just wanted to touch Him for her own healing..I want to lavish my love on Him..even if He doesn’t say a word to me..even if He doesn’t receive me, even if He turns me away the least He can do is say no, the most He can do is accept my gift!
Why say words to HIM…Nothing I can say would be worth while anyway..I’ve gotten whiff of the fact that He could be leaving soon and I think He should be anointed…for his burial..I don’t know if someone else has done it..but the least I can do is do it…I know I don’t know Him personally, He and I don’t hang out all the time…But…I figure the most I can do is show up and offer my gift)

Most people stop at this, it’s only a thought..not this woman..(Whew, I don’t know why I was thinking like that they shrug, Jesus…As busy as He is..He doesn’t have time for me.Why’d I even think I could get through the big crowd of people that are always around Him. He’s so many people and I’ll bet He’s already taken care of as far as this hole “anointing” thing)

But I marvel at her courage…No, honestly! I don’t understand it for the life of me…She blows my mind this morning and that’s encourage me to model this prayer around her heart….

You see it appears everyone else wanted something from Jesus..They wanted Him to heal their servant, although they had great reverence and faith and although they worshiped and did all the right things to get His attention so that He would act..I think of the 4 courageous men who took their friend before the Master..I’ve got some friends I could be carrying I’m sure..but somehow…I could understand the lady with the issue of blood at least she wasn’t known as a sinner..She had an infirmity that was put on her somehow…

This lady…the one with the alabaster box..She’s invaded my quiet time with GOD…I so love to take up the time simply telling God what I desire from Him..
Lord I love You, I adore You! I need You!! Can’t live without You…But Lord also let me not forget my supplication..forgive me of all those heinous sins I’ve committed…even in my thoughts and actions and words since I’ve been saved…I’m gonna need your Help today as I surrender to You to live more righteously for You..Not this lady…Noooo, not the unnamed Sinner…she didn’t care anything about her rep…she put aside all her stuff and forged her way through the crowd…after all she was in good company right…weren’t all the men there “Sinners, and tax collectors” and even the one who invited Jesus stands in the back ground to judge Him..saying if this man were truly a prophet HE would know what kind of woman she is..and by the way He should know also what kind of man you yet He’s still sitting in your house.” Funny how we tend to forget our own stuff when we are looking at others…The whole reason Jesus was at their house was because He was “doing Ministry” with them they weren’t the elite..and just because outwardly it is clear to them she’s sinning in a different way that doesn’t mean they don’t have sin…Although her sins may have been great and may have appear to be “greater” sins they were forgiven….without her ever getting in a word edgewise….

This boggles my mind and takes over my quiet time of prayer..
Just a thought!


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