Consistent Commitment!

Ever had an extraordinary day…not necessarily because of what you experienced .instead what you learned..

In our culture and society we rarely find people truly committed to anything..or anyone for that’s an “I’m doing me society” and so what if I’m married..let’s just “Listen to our hearts”

Did we not learn that the heart is deceitful and feelings change by the moment..

So as a result of this lack of commitment we don’t live in a society where it’s normal to see someone work on one job their hole career, normally we are looking for the next best thing or who will offer the most money..and if the pay can take me further I’m gone…It’s no different in marriage..10 years ago there was no such thing as I’m walking out of my family just because I’m not feeling him/her anymore..This was unheard of .. but then again we do live in a society now where parents kill their children for making too much noise..Where has our tolerance level gone..we don’t endure anything anymore..and this makes me understand why the suicide rate is so high..people are simply checking out in our day..Bullying is on the rise and from young ages our children are searching for identity in gangs and other things that are not conducive to healthy long life…

But I sat to ponder a story on today…it was the story of those 3 Hebrew’ve probably heard this one before, but I want you to see it a little differently ..see we are used to people saying..GOD is faithful..even in our unfaithfulness..yet we live in a generation where we see heroic people stand up in the face of death committed so faithfully to God that with a gun to their heads they would still profess a faith that would have them beheaded while we don’t hear of the others who weren’t so radical to take such a great stand in faith..

These 3 Hebrew boys, well they were committed down to the wasn’t being beheaded..they were being thrown in a fiery furnace..and no matter what happened they had a conviction that would keep them to the death..

They made this statement in faith that blew my mind…they said..

“We know our God is able to deliver us….but even if HE doesn’t we will still serve HIM and we will not bow down to your gods”

This was amazing..Even down to the end when they felt the heat of the furnace turned up 7 times hotter…as hot as any man could stand for even the people who put them in were burned…and….they were not..but here’s the kicker they were so consistently committed that even if they were burned to a crisp they were still not going to bow…


can that be said about any christian you know today?


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