Making a decision!

In 2004 I went to the movies to see one of those movies that still today leave me riveted in my seat..
Today, I want you to think with me about this and see how it might apply to your life on today..

The name of the movie I am speaking of had a pivotal moment right at the very beginning..We know that something is happening, but we don’t get the significance of the moment until years later when we look at it in retrospect.

In the very beginning of the movie a decision is made…

Tell me if you can piece together what the movie was from the description of the first scene.
We see men, in a garden, and there’s one a little further away, alone, falling to his knees..the man in the distance appears to be in some kind of agony, it appears that he is experiencing some outward torment…We can’t see where any physical blood is coming from his body and there was no physical outward battle going on.. but in just a few moments ..we see another person in the garden and he is speaking as well..ahh so there is a battle going on, and it’s not an outward battle..

Ever had a battle that was going on within and people could tell just by how you acted without..
This man in the garden of Gethsemane who was praying was Jesus..his very soul was in agony..he didn’t want to endure the cross and he had an opportunity to simply bypass it..He could have made a decision that he would not do it. I mean it’s all about this decision right here ..but it’s a clear picture of his humanity..

Then we hear the voice of the “opportunist”….” You can’t possibly think you can do this…It’s too much for you” In other words, some other person is there encouraging him to simply quit, give up..Why do you do this! Who is your father? Who are you? You don’t have that much strength, it’s too much for you!

Even though we don’t hear the voice of God egging him on…we only see the man Jesus the Christ and another person who appears to be of another persuasion..even the disciples are not speaking strength into him..and he falls on his face when he feels His Father has turned away from Him..he sobs and weeps…and just when that other entity thinks he’s won out and he sends forth the serpent…Jesus the God Man…stands up….and he looks that other entity right in the eyes as he crushes the head of that serpent and sets his face to the cross..

What suffering is being endured in our culture and the world around us today where men and women are hearing the voice of that person ….the same one Jesus contended with and they are being forced to make a longer can they stand on the sidelines…it’s time to get in the game..And the moment we make a decision we already have victory or failure. For Jesus it was victory and the salvation of many…even until this day 2000 years later..what will be the repercussion of your decision today!?


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