Flex your muscles or shake your flab!

Ever met someone who bragged a lot about being in the gym all the time or how they eat so healthy…but when you saw them, you had second thoughts on how it was working for them? Or you wondered about their commitment to what they say they loved doing and did so often.

They say they work out all throughout the week..and they eat healthy….but when you see them you say..well, your arms are flabby, you’ve got a muffin top, and your out of shape..for when we ran up the stairs you were out of breath..What exactly do you do for your work out and what are the healthy foods you are eating..You start wondering???Hmmm…I this is what healthy living looks like..I don’t think this is a good model.

I was thinking about that with people who say they are Christians…Sometimes it feels like we as a body of people, a group or organization misrepresent the Christ we say we follow…

You see we say we believe in Jesus, but when you talk to us our conversation is filled with doubt, fear, murmuring and complaining! And you start wondering as an outsider..if this is what being a christian looks like..I don’t know if it’s what I would like to do…Then there are some people who draw you..there are those who you say..if that’s what it looks like to believe what they believe I want it..

It’s like the person with the 6 pack…when you see them and they are flexing their muscles you think to yourself.. that’s a result of dedication and truly putting in the work..and when you see that they are able to have endurance and stamina you think…well, I’d love not to be sleepy at the middle of every day maybe I might need to start eating like they do..

The same goes for the faith…
I have a friend who is blind..He constantly confesses faith..I mean all the time I hear him talking about the power of God and healing and it would appear he has this huge faith…but ….he’s not healed..but he’s living in complete poverty and begging bread..and you wonder..does this word work…

Thus the saying and verse..Faith without works is dead!

Every one of us have the same muscles in our bodies..some of us work them out and strength train and they are more strong than others..while others struggle with weaker muscles..or weaker faith because of the lack of consistent trips to the gym!


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