The Power of Prayer!

In case you’ve ever doubted the validity of prayer down through the ages…take a closer look at exactly when miraculous things have taken place!

It started from the beginning of time, we can see it plain and we  can see it clearly…Miracles, signs and wonders have occurred as a result of prayer… We not only find it all throughout the “good book” but we can find it in the lives of those we have known or read about or seen.
Although sometimes we find it hard to believe..It does happen…
I want to share a story with you…

There was a king..a very powerful man, they called him Pharaoh because he was king over the entire land of Egypt. He was confronted about some people he was mistreating as slaves who had prayed and cried out to a certain God…and he explained he did not know this God nor would he obey the beginning..By the 1 miraculous sign with frogs this same Pharaoh realized that there was something to this God and Moses would have to pray to him so that the frogs could be removed..It was behind the mantle of prayer power was released to do what appeared to be miraculous and we had no doubt it was this prayer Moses prayed because he allowed Pharaoh to give him a specific date and that is exactly when all the frogs were destroyed outside of the ones that were in the Nile river..

So, my dear friend we can see prayer has the power to move the hand of God. there’s no greater thing here on earth a human can do than pray…

Try it more often …try it today!


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