The Master Strategist


Have you ever played Chest, it’s one of those games you must think through every move, simply  because you realize that the next move could mean game over..Although some pawns seem to be more valuable than others…all of them are significant to  the survival of the strategist..

How well do you think through, how well do you plan?? I mean it could be thinking through something as simple as taking a vacation..truth is you really want to visit the beach in Florida or Jamaiza, or your really a mountain person and want to head for the hills and mountains… unless you take into account what you have to accomplish the mission you will realize it’s about more than simply making a decision..anyone can make a decision ….it takes a strategist to succeed at a mission..

Ever watch those movies like Mission Impossible and those war movies…the main character always has something called a strategy..the person has a plan,and if that doesn’t work a plan B…

I went to see Teminator Genisys night before last and if there was one thing I noticed throughout the movie it was strategy..Arnold Schwazenegger operated from a place of strategy…he knew what the next move would be..he had calculated well b/c each time he came back..even when it looked as though he was dead..

When it comes down to the war called buying a home or started a company…you must be a strategist..

Take it from the best strategist of all..The war was in …The Pharaoh of Egypt was going up against a God who had in His own right initiated a war concerning the people Pharaoh was holding slaves..And when everyone thought Pharaoh was winning, his heart was hardened..the people were more oppressed and being beaten and it appeared it was all in Pharaoh’s hand and not God..God stretched out His hand..why? Because He was a master strategist..if you pay attention to the story before everything that happened God already had a strategy how Moses would respond. We see the same thing in the time and life of Jesus..the master strategist devised a plan that would save all humanity by sending His Son….and it worked! So even when it looks like the opposing side is winning..just wait for the last hasn’t come yet!


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