The things we accumulate

Today I did it…I’d been out with a friend who keenly pointed out how filthy my car was …and I admitted I hadn’t cleaned it in some time..I just worry about it getting me from point A to point B who cares how it looks..after all I have kids and cleaning my car is like shoving the sidewalk in a snow storm while the snow is still falling right..But he made a compelling point that it still needed to be done, just as I needed to clean the clothes I wore last week…the accumulation of things can prove detrimental after awhile…

I decided since I was out and about headed to the library and then for a gathering with great friends..I would simply “Wash my car”

It was so foreign to me…when I got there…I had to ask how the whole process was done..when I was told I took my car through on neutral and it was cleaned on the outside…but I realized I’d forgotten my towel at home to complete the dry…and now for the hard part..I had to clean “the inside” it was quite easy to ride through and make the outside look good…but I had to put in the most work getting the inside clean..but I didn’t think it was going to be that hard..after all I’d been picking up so much forcing my kids to take their fast food bags out of the car and trying to keep them responsible where the car at least looked as neat as it could and not totally ridiculous..certainly this would pay off…Right???


I found myself struggling and sweating and tired trying to get what had even fallen between the crevices..Are you serious? I thought. You have got to be kidding me? This can not be this hard, it can’t be this much junk back here..although I had the car looking clean on the outside…boy it was hard to believe all the breadcrumbs and crayons..under the seat I even found a can..arts and crafts from church months back..I found toys and goodness it felt like it would never end…

Isn’t that how life is?? we go through thinking we’re attending to the things in plain sight..but there are things underneath like that old piece of cheese that’s hidden under that mat and when we get in we smell it..and we just keep going..knowing it’s something there,just unwilling to address it figuring we’ve gotta keep living..

Let me tell you our lives on the outside can look can look squeaky clean..but if we don’t get underneath and deal with the stuff that’s rotting people closest to us will be able to tell and before long we won’t be able to avoid our mess anymore..Work on the inside and the outside..for they both matter!


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