Treasures in heaven!

Ever wonder what all of this is all about? I mean this whole life thing? Many of us are just trying to stack up our money so we can live well…We just have one goal…Do better than what my parents did when I was growing up! We have goals that we set for ourselves because we want to …Have enough money in the 401k when we retire…Get the biggest house on the block or the nicest car so we can show it off to people who really don’t care…(Seeing those people don’t get the note for that nice car and house) Many times we work really hard for things that depreciate and don’t really matter..And when retirement finally comes, we are too old and lame to enjoy the little money we saved up if we make it to see it..and it only last a small fraction of the time it took us to build it up! How crazy is that!

I was thinking today..What if life was about more than that? I will be attending a funeral tomorrow..of a beautiful sister who died of cancer..She never married, she never had children…I didn’t see her walking around bragging about what degrees she obtained or what kind of car she was driving.. yet her impact is so far reaching..a pastor can say many people came to know Jesus because of her encouragement to him..This lady left her church home to plant a church with a pastor she was secretary to, she opened her home for him to have bible study with his new members, she was the leader of the prayer team in his church until her health forbade it to be so, then she was his wife’s personal intercessor…and all the time she was serving and giving of her self it would seem unfair she would die such a painful death as to suffer with cancer many years…but she did it with a spirit of meekness and love..I wonder if she were ever angry..she never showed it..The last time I saw her at church she could barely stand to worship her body was so frail..I was afraid to hug her because she was so weak, but she lived out her life in such a loud way that what was down here didn’t matter anyway..even if her reward was unseen..even if she didn’t get all the things many people think are the things to have down here on this earth…I believe she had the best life of all..

What else do we get outside of bragging rights for a moment..Make a hit movie..a hit song..become a celebrity overnight..but remember only what you do for Christ will last..

Make a lasting impact..

I’m friends now with this guy who was telling me on yesterday that his co-worker told him that he donated bone marrow to a man and was sent such a beautiful letter on the impact it made on this man to be able to see his grandkids grow up, it bought the co-worker to would appear that would be the thing to brag on..other than who he slept with last night..or how much football he watched..amazing I always think…

Michael Jai White…This guy has found a love that makes his life have purpose …this could not be obtained in cars and things and places nor anything that was material….

What things come to your mind when you think of treasures…Things that have value..the pot of goal at the end of that rainbow..or perhaps that pirates treasure we hunt soon as we find the spot and we work hard enough and dig long enough we’ll have the treasure and we’ll be rich enough to never have to work again..

I think heaven had a different perspective..Jesus tells a man who wants to know how to inherit heaven…”Go” and “Sell” EVERYTHING he has…then “Give” it away to the “Poor” not those who need it.. then “take up your cross” and “follow me” Now that’s seemingly a lot to ask, and certainly it was for this man…but the end of that statement was..if you do this you will have treasures in heaven…It wasn’t so much that Jesus would ask us to give up everything we have everytime..but the story goes on to say that he walked  away sad..b/c not only did he have much possessions, his possessions had him..This is the same thing that happened with the man who had so much he didn’t know what to do with it..and while he was making plans to make more room to store his stuff..thinking it was all about accumulations..that very night the Lord required his life of him..Be very careful where your treasure is..there your heart will be also!


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