Every Decision matters!

Ever wonder why there’s so much suffering in this world? Ever wonder why good things happen to bad people, and visa versa? Ever wonder how in the world this world keeps on spinning on it’s axis??

Sometimes because of the ability to think deeply, we as a human race tend to consider things that are way too marvelous for us to understand and things we will never be able to fully explain..What do we do when we come to a stand still and no matter how hard we try, science can’t explain it…and neither can buddha or any other so called religion atheism even doesn’t wash it away….

This morning I pondered briefly the life of a certain man named Job…you heard the saying before..

“If someone dies will they live again? All the days of my appointed time will I wait, till my change come”

We know Job for being the man who said …

“Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him”

Job is also good for that statement:

“Naked I came from my mother’s womb and naked shall I return there: The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away, blessed be the name of the Lord”

I could go on and on with statements made in this book.But my point is..Job was noted to be a man who feared God! Job was no doubt a man who shunned evil…It’s not saying that Job was a perfect man..but he was certainly good enough to cause God to brag on him..Job had a hedge of protection around him..this meant that satan could do him any harm…that is until one day, when God allowed a terrible test in this man’s life..

Look at the correlation with me..This man feared God,This man hated evil, He was RICH! He was one of the GREATEST men of the East~

but one day something that he feared came upon him….He lost it all seemingly…his children were killed,ALL SEVEN…in 1 day..his animals were taken and not only this Job had to face the loss of his health..Can you imagine such a thing? We get upset when we simply lose a couple of strands of hair on our head..This man loses just about ALL and his wife has told him to curse God to His face and just die…instead of all the suffering He was dealing with..just give in!

Job had a decision to make..HE told HIS wife…”YOU SOUND LIKE A FOOLISH WOMAN!”

So, then, even in the face of death…this man keeps his faith up..he doesn’t once sin with his mouth against God..although at some points he curses the day of his birth and wishes he were never born…

The bible doesn’t give a deadline for the ending of his suffering when it begins, but historians have said he dealt with this for somewhere between 9 months and a yr…and not once in all that time..listening to all the wrong advice from his friends did he turn his face from God..even in his sufferings..and somehow in the end when it was all over some good came out of it..

He had double everything..YES!! Even the children!

When we are in situations and trials…it does matter how we react…or respond…ALL our decisions have repercussions good or bad…that we do not face in a vacuum but those around us as well face the consequences of our decisions. Be sure that even when you and I are in a test …we open the book, the answers are inside and our decisions line up accordingly…

run on and see what the end will be!


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