The power of a little Applied Knowledge!

It’s amazing how much difference it makes to have knowledge of a thing..

Let me give you some examples:
Today I  took my car to have an oil changed.. Kwik Kar took it upon themselves to examine my car and come to me and tell me all the extra things I would need to pay for, if I wanted my car to continue to run at top speed..At the time I was listening to them..I had nothing to weigh what they were telling me against..There was no other person there to tell me..Nah, see that’s not the full truth about that..and they are truly  getting over on you and you don’t know it..Nah, you can actually do that yourself…Because of this many times even before now …when I hear them say…issue…I simply say..”Take care of it, no matter the cost”

Then I met a shade tree mechanic, no license but the same knowledge… He showed me that sometimes all you have to do is be able to read pictures on a phone and be bold enough to step out and do what it says…

When you go to a physician…you have no idea if what they are saying even came from your blood test..being an auditor for medical physicians many times I see where unknowing patients have their insurance companies being raped because physicians charge for a service that wasn’t even necessary..for one reason…the patient had a lack of knowledge on the subject….
People are getting messed over every day for a lack of knowledge..

We listen to the commercials on television that tell us that soft drinks are really refreshing, why not buy a’s going to make you feel good..and why not eat that bag of lays chips you can’t just have one..forget the fact that if you have so many of these it will wreak havoc on your health..who cares that plenty of the things we see and hear all the time have no good impact on us..we do it without being fully informed of what’s in it..we drive to Sonic’s and try that new burger simply b/c the commercial showed it so many times and it looks so juicy…

Sadly, the biggest place we’ve been sold a bill of good has been in our spiritual life..we feel we can lie, cheat, steal, do whatever we want with other people’s spouse and just go to church and spin around 3 times and our blessing is about the guy I saw on tv this morning who asked for the seed of 222.22 for a miracle..if you want a blessing  you sow the seed..Lawd have mercy.. you can’t be serious..there’s no limit to the pedaling and getting over on folk..

Truth is so simple..if we apply ourselves to the knowledge others wouldn’t have the ability to take advantage of us as much as they do..but we figure, why should I learn it ..I  can just pay the doctor for the education he went to school to get..I can just pay the lawyer,they’ll know the right jargon..I can just pay that fast food restaurant, why cook a healthy meal on my own..that will be more beneficial for my body..I fear we’re getting it all wrong and because of that we’re making bad decisions..we’ve been sold a bill of goods and so have our children..and it’s not coming through..and doing what we thought!

There’s power to getting knowledge when it is applied!


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