Desiring to understand the bible better!

Ever had a passion for something..I mean you went hard after it??
That thing that was on your mind when you went to bed and again when you woke in the morning? All your pursuit was found in that thing..Your life song would be about this at your eulogy!
At Wednesday night bible study Jada said there was a person so hung up in sports that they actually had a Texas Sign engraved on their casket..yes, their coffin!

I stopped to wonder what I would want on my tombstone? What would I like people to say about me??
I’ll tell you one thing I’d like it to be….That I lived before them an example of Jesus..I may have been a little different and appeared to stay with a one track mind..and everything they saw in me and heard from me lined least most the time. I’d like people to say I was genuine..what a christian truly was..yes even that rep or cashier at the store…I’d like to live a life like no one else I know…Truly committed to the cause!

Today I was at the Half Priced Book Store “selling some books” with my little ones..and the moment they let me loose I went straight to the bible section..I browsed cause I own so many bibles now I just can’t pick one has to offer something my other 30 don’t…And sometimes I see something that grabs my attention …other times I don’t at all…This time I saw one…”The Expanded bible” it heightened my passion..I don’t know how the word does this to me every time.. I felt a deeper longing for God and a desire to connect even truly know Him more..Knowing I should have put the book down and walked away..simply because going back would be much harder than staying the course ..running on to see what the end would be…I walked all the way to the counter with that bible…Amazed at myself…I hadn’t bought a bible in awhile..but it still felt as exhilarating as it always has..

I’ve returned a lot of things in my day for full refund…none of those things have ever been a bible!!

It’s my’s what I go to sleep thinking about and I wake up singing in my heart to Jesus…and He is what I want and what I will strength and my power are only found in Him..
So if you desire to understand Him better by and  by..just starting your walk..or been walking with Him many years He can renew your passion just like that in a matter of moments..And You can be as alive as You’ve ever been it’s one of those passions…that when fulfilled is so good always want more!


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