The Gift looks good on you!

This is going to be a little different than my normal blogs…I have grown a little since the last blog…I’m not above what I’ve said before ….oh but I am…

In each of us …there’s been placed a special unique way of thinking..It’s our gift…purpose if you will..from that thing…we are so passionate about we can see ways made for us..The gift in us will take us before great people and make room for us..people will want to give to us because of what is in us…

The gift will pay our bills..the gift will open door for us…but let’s not ever forget the character that will keep us where the gift will most certainly take us..

I’ve thrown away many books I’ve written that could have made room for me because of lack of this knowledge…Use the gift..the talent, the treasure, the passion in you to go further..but use it well and with great care!


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