The Great Sin!

Ever heard that statement…”there’s no degree of sin”?

Aw,  I know you’ve heard someone say …”if you break one of God’s laws you’ve broken them all!”

Well..we as a people like to say some sin is really greater than others….for example: homosexuality is greater than a little “white lie” or adultery is greater than someone who just had a little “pride” Because we think being proud..that’s cute in our culture. We like to categorize..we would no doubt say those people who are part of ISIS…awww…they won’t get into heaven at all…We like the say the person who lusts all the time and looks at porn and has evil thoughts all day long isn’t as bad as the one living with someone outside of marriage. The man who shot up those people in that he’s can’t make it to heaven..and the person who molested that child..NO indeed…never..if we had a say..they would not get in …isn’t that how we see things!

Once a sinner, always a sinner..simply can’t be forgiven of some we write off some people. I’m talking about Christians, even if it’s a carnal christian, we don’t calculate in their growth and we don’t see them as a person who can change..but hopefully you see where I’m going now..

The God that True Christians serve is a “long suffering” (Patient) God…His patience is beyond measure even though He is just and He is fair .He is also forgiving..but that’s if your willing to repent and turn from that sin..He is LOVE and wishes that none would perish..nope not even one.

The 32 chapter of Exodus paints a horrific picture of a people who first in their hearts turn their backs on God..then they decide they will serve another god..and they created that god with their own hand..they really worship it and sacrifice to it and act as though “the thing they made” has power to help them get through anything they deal with..These people had a leader..Aaron..who decided to carry out their desire for a god…the calf was crafted..and the people appeared happy..until God sent Moses down getting ready to break up the party himself. Moses is so angry he tells the people they committed a “great sin” and he tells God the same thing…

Now who in their right mind would choose to forgive and love a people who clearly didn’t love Him..even after He gave up everything for them..they did nothing put shake their fist in his face and turn away from Him..and in the day of his wrath he did punish them..but who would think that He would choose Aaron, that same leader to be the high priest who interceded for those people …His own choice…God isn’t like us at all. He gives grace when we have given up..He forgives things that we think are unforgivable and makes it so difficult to offend him that he says there’s only one “great sin” To blaspheme the Holy that one is unpardonable.

Now we know what the great sin faith I believe no one reading this will ever commit it!


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