Going w/o God!

Have you ever had a really great  victory in your life!? I mean you finally got the degree you wanted for so many years and you worked so hard for, or you completed that obstacle course you were faced with?  Finally saw your youngest child off to college? Finally got that job  offer for that position you always wanted? Your business just picked up and is doing better than ever? You just feel like the one thing you’ve set as your goal has been reached …..but there’s one person whom you thought would be with you, and you lost them along the way.

I love the movie “Jerry Maguire”..It’s my favorite..next to Liar Liar…Both of them can be very significant in this blog..Tom married a woman on a whim. Everybody knew he wasn’t in love w/ her when Cuba asked him..and it didn’t seem like things were working, they decided to separate. But at the end of the movie..when all he’d been trying to do paid off..it was nothing w/o her..So he showed up at her place and remember the…”You had me at hello”…His victory was sealed b/c the one person he really wanted he was able to share it with. In “Liar Liar” obviously, Jim Carey was acting a great lawyer who was going in to win a case, but the only problem was he had to win this one honestly..if he lost the one relationship with his son however..that would be his greatest loss, he had to realize he had to be a “good father” before any of it would matter..he got restored relationship with not only his son but his ex wife at the end of the movie..Relationships..that’s what these movies are about!

When I was married, Aaron would always say to me..If you have great success on one hand outwardly, there’s always something that had to be given up to get there..As a stay at home mom of very small children it seemed nearly impossible for me to go to college, and he would always remind me that to have success in the one area many times means you have to forfeit another at least for a season…and you must come to grips with the fact that the thing that’s most important you will pursue at the cost of ALL else!

This morning I read a text…and I really wanted to share it..You see I was thinking we could lose a lot of VIP relationships in our lives but there’s one thing/relationship/ person we can’t afford to lose..not for one instant!

So, here’s the scenario, the children of Israel were coming up out of Egypt and Moses was up on the mountain spending time w/ God..learning about the tabernacle, Aaron’s garments etc…and Aaron is down at the bottom of the mountain crafting a calf for the people to worship and sacrifice to..While God is on the mountain telling Moses how to put together his garments as high priest who will make intercession for the people, he is living it up. He’s made a choice along with the people..and their hearts have turned from relationship with the true and living God at this time..to an idol, a false God..and that’s who they are worshiping and thanking for bringing them out of Egypt.

If there’s anything or anyone we should thank as we sit around the table this Thanksgiving…it ought to be God..

The Lord continued w/ His plan, even after He was angry enough to completely destroy the people He bought out of Egypt, I mean the people who don’t even give Him credit for bringing them out of Egypt..and He would still bring them into the promised land after Moses intercession, that’s how completely He forgave them…the ones He didn’t smite in the day of his punishment that is..Yes, there’s a day of reckoning and we should be aware that when we turn our hearts from God He doesn’t always just tell us to forward march..But He said something to Moses that struck my heart…”I’m not going with you!” God would in turn send an angel before them, but HE would no longer Himself go before them as He had before this incident..because they had proven to be a stiff necked people..
So is it any good to get the promised land w/o the God who gave it to you?
I don’t know about you but I’d rather forfeit all else and keep my relationship with God Good..than to forfeit GOD for a position, a good time, a degree, or anything else…
Always make sure God is front center and end….He must be everything..in the midst of it all..and we must never turn our hearts away!

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