Killing Freddie Kruger

Today, I was blessed to have a day free….Nothing on the agenda besides to do me..
I still have some food left over from Thanksgiving when I went out to visit some friends and Subway from the day before so I’m really good on food..

All I have today today is lay on the sofa, wait for the rest of the rain and watch “Nightmare on Elmstreet” marathon.

This feels like being 10 years old again..maybe even 5..I was 4 when these movies came out..and it’s amazing to think 30 years later they would still be playing on television..Remember the Freddie song, As I hear it again it brings back so many memories of sitting at home with mama when she was alive and my brothers..before my sisters came to be..

As I watched the first movie today..I was astounded and thought the author may have possibly been  christian.. lol. this was a picture of what real life looks like..All hallucinations and negative thoughts come from our psyche, at least that’s where they originate most the time anyway. When we are asleep ….what generally happens is we have a memory of what we were even sometimes subconsciously thinking about during the day. We take in many thoughts throughout the day that come from our experiences ..what we see, hear, taste, touch and smell..and unless we get them under control while we are awake..we take them into the realm of sleep with us..

In the last movie the only thing the young lady had to do was…NOT be afraid.
Freddie’s whole tactic was to bring fear!

If you are afraid …Freddie has already defeated you..after that all that was left was to annihilate you!

When I was watching it I noted that the young man said he started to “feel” strange and he said that this was contributing to what happened when he fell asleep..Now this isn’t the only person that was affected, in the second movie it was a teenage girl whose mother was more interested in the men she met in the bar than what her daughter was feeling and this was ironically the teen that would have these dreams and was in a psych ward..

Freddie was always a figment of the imagination..He was always a fear that hadn’t yet been conquered or overcome…

When I was 4 years old I could not in any wise figure this out..I was just as afraid as the people in the movie..first of all not understanding that it is acting and none of it is real but is made I get to understand whoever the author was had a plot..

When I first started college after moving to Dallas.. I took a theater class and we got to learn about how movies are made and how the scenes in the movies were based on a certain amount of seconds and if the scene was longer it carried a greater connotation to tell what the plot of the movie was so many years ago yet I really do wish I’d paid more attention in that course.

In this movie the only way to kill Freddie was to use his only strategy against him..The thing he wants most is to see fear rise, he wants to see the person he has decided to frighten so afraid he can take them out..
You do know everyday fear takes people out right…Out of a normal life in a normal way..

It could be a fear of heights, so you don’t fly, a fear of traveling on bridges, so you don’t get on highways, a fear of Pit Bulls or Rottweilers so you stay with little chihuahuas… Some people have a fear of snakes…so they cringe at the thought of seeing a snake in their yard or a spider..And the amazing thing is you can meet someone else who handles snakes or spiders or flies for a living or takes care of animals just like the ones we just mentioned and fights to get them homes…even with their past history…

The point of it all is to simply overcome your Freddie Kruger by killing him….feel the fear..but do it anyway!


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