Ready for the Celebration

City Sidewalks, busy sidewalks, dressed in holiday style …..In the air there used to be a feeling of Christmas…Mama loved playing the Silver Bells by Stevie Wonder cd. The time of year had a certain spark to it..
Maybe it’s just me …but this time of year used to be different..

I mean we still keep the tradition of our culture…but slowly..something is’s not at all like it used to be..

This week will be Christmas 2015 and it really doesn’t quite feel like it..Every asks the question: Are you ready for Christmas? What that means in our culture is have you bought every one their any more  shopping to do to prove to some loved one you actually love them..

It’s sickening to think this is the same time of year many people are depressed, and grieved and recounting a year of tragedy..the loss of a marriage, a child or a loved the hand of some random act or simply because life took it’s toll…

Ready for the’s supposed to be a cause for rejoicing..

I always wondered  why my mama was so excited this time of year..she’d put up the Christmas tree..hang all the lights on the windows..she’d decorate the entire house and hide our gifts in her closet on the top shelf cause we weren’t allowed in her room or her closet…and we would just see gifts under the tree and live in a state of wonder until that day finally arrived when we could open them..and it really didn’t matter what was in them at that point …we were getting to open them…


This was the wonder of the season…we realized that it was about more than commercialism..

I don’t celebrate Christmas like everyone else does..I don’t do it as my mother did…I don’t buy Christmas trees, I don’t wrap gifts..and I most certainly don’t put lights on my windows…I have a different way of believing.. My birthday was earlier this month…I celebrated myself because there weren’t many who could  celebrate me like I could…I was given a luncheon at my job…if we had gone to that restaurant and any one else was celebrated I would have been offended..I think even the Christmas songs have taken Christ the President has insinuated that he would prefer we just use Happy Holidays…instead of merry Christmas they want X-Mas…are you serious???
And we wonder why people are so anxious this time of year…we’ve taken the main reason for the season out …and when we celebrate the right person for the right reason I think everything else will fall back into place!


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