Ability to believe

They say a “Goal without a plan is only a dream”..If you only sit to make aspirations but don’t think through how you will accomplish them ..well that’s foolish..But there appears to be another component..You must go after it and get the work done..in order to see the fruit of your labor …it implies that you must…labor!
For instance..If I wanted to be a writer…Being a writer won’t just “fall in my lap” or happen w/o any effort on my part..I may have to go to college to better my skills. I may have to surround myself with people who have already made it as successful writers to see about building some sort of platform. I might have to actually put myself out on the market before people as someone trying to earn a living as a writer..by writing in blogs, freelancing…etc..The same is true for any other goal or aspiration..MOST times it won’t just happen for you without you doing something ….

This was the same experience the text I read this morning pointed out very clearly..If you will look at Numbers 13…well, this is a very famous book for picking up a little more faith..because if you read this book aloud into your own hearing something will leap in you to know that if you only have ability to believe whatever the same Jehovah of this bible says…He’s still good for..I’ve watched Pastors believe GOD and see miracles..I’ve watched general lay people put aside what everyone else was saying and simply take God at his word and see miracles happen in their own lives..what if this happened everyday!
It depends greatly on our ability to believe.

This chapter begins with 12 princes/ leaders, one from each tribe of Israel being chosen out to go and “spy out the land of Canaan” Moses gave them very specific directions whether it was at the people’s command or God makes no difference these men were going to “See what the land God had already promised them looked like”, they were going to see what the people were like, if they were ‘few or many’, if they were ‘strong or weak’ if this land was really ‘good or bad’..Now I know Moses had good intentions in mind when he said this sending these leaders out..But the results are discouraging even disastrous! They go up and see a land called Hebron…where Abraham lived…they got to see those people …and they called themselves “grasshoppers” in the sight of the Anakites…since the people of Anak were like giants to them…..

“Like Giants to them” except Caleb and Joshua, they saw things a little differently!
They had a different Spirit..in other words …these 2 men believed God and because they not only believed God but stood on what He promised til the end they got the opportunity to also drive these people completely out of this land and own it themselves..as their own possession/ inheritance!

It was not just an aspiration or goal that their God would just magically drop in their laps..they had their work cut out for them..but when they coupled their work with believing that they weren’t the ones doing the actual fighting coupling it  with Believing a word God had given them that this was their land….they saw VICTORY and TRIUMPH and they EXPERIENCED ALL HE SAID!



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