Acts 1:8 Miraculous ability

Have you ever heard that quote….”My people perish for lack of knowledge” well, it was really a verse of scripture that was concerning knowledge of the True and Living God..knowledge that could and would save and set you free..meaning completely deliver and change you for better if you let it in..It can rescue you from a lifestyle with no real security or hope…removing all doubts and fears..if your searching that is..if your desperate….

We are living in a time and season where we don’t see a lot of the miracles Elijah saw yet we sing the song “These are the days of Elijah” Righteousness being restored…These are great days ..but there’s one thing needed to experience this miraculous ability…
We need a real passionate relationship with none other than the same Holy Spirit that worked through the church in the book of Acts in the Holy Writ…

It’s no secret we live in a time where it would appear people are turning to crack quicker than they are turning to Christ..listen to some of the songs we are singing…”He saw the best in me..when EVERYONE else around could only see the worst…Are you serious? Even your mother? Oh my that’s bad news..if He’s the only one that sees good in me..Well, what about the “take me to the king” Well, if that’s not something …”A millionaire singer/actor is churched out.. Yes that’s in the number 1 hits for the contemporary world..The only reason these things get to be so is the lack of this miraculous ability I’m talking about..which is why there are even certain Christian songs I will listen to regularly.. We have gone so far as to ignore our real power source, not offering true power but pseudo momentary satisfaction telling others only the sunny side up..not giving them the power that will sustain them through anything!!

It is as though He is the forgotten GOD therefore no-one acknowledges HIS authority and we see the miraculous cease. I drove past a church on yesterday that said on it’s billboard sign…”Spirit filled, bible believing” Yet only one thing can validate that..are there signs, miracles and wonders there??? I’m afraid we’re living in an era where you’ll only see the power to change lives and people not walking out of the church the same way they came in….when you get the Holy Spirit back in as priority..but as it stands preacher weekly reminds His congregation of the need for the Holy Spirit to be manifest through them in the lives of the unbelievers walking through the doors that the Holy Spirit has led to be changed forever..

Miraculous ability was mentioned in my reading today..from Essential Question Acts 1:8

But YOU WILL receive Power WHEN the HOLY SPIRIT has come ON YOU; and you shall be my witnesses both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea, and Samaria, and even to the remotest part of the earth..

It’s time to arise from our rest ..put on the full armor and walk in the spirit undeterred …We only get victory when we get this power living on the inside of us day in and day out!
Miraculous ability is available..


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