The Essential Question Notes

This New Year as a challenge to get our church into the bible more, ultimately in a mindset where we truly put God front and center in our lives as believers..We are studying The Book of Acts for 50 days!
I am so excited to take this challenge! I love the word and am in it everyday myself..This is a great small feat for me..I’m looking forward to making notes of what I’ve read each day…We will also be doing the Daniel fast and also powering down from electronics this week..I’m so excited that we do this each year!

Day #1.

Acts 1:1-11

This was a very powerful passage because it starts off by telling us about a great man who wasn’t just a prophet or a good man…No, I believe Jesus the Christ the Messiah is the very Son OF God who came to save the world from it’s sin by laying down His very life.

Luke is writing to either a man named “Theophilis” or he’s simply writing to what the name implies… “Lovers of God” so that he might proclaim what Jesus the Messiah began to Do and Teach until the day He was taken up..Jesus had given commands to those who follow Him as He presented Himself alive to them after his sufferings …for 40 days..

I could go on all day about the 40 days and how it was a very symbolic number in the bible starting at the amount of days it rained on the earth in Noah’s time when the earth was destroyed because of sin…all the way to Jesus being tempted for 40 days and nights..but just as an interesting side note..women are noted to be “Full term” in pregnancy when they have reached 40 weeks…

After this specific number of days He was taken to heaven..on a cloud…There’s much to be said about clouds..starting in the book of Exodus when the cloud symbolized the very presence of God..But I’ll keep moving as to make this a quick recap..The point of this passage is that Jesus told them they would RECEIVE  the Holy Spirit and the Power he would give them!!

This was the most powerful thing. It wasn’t coming for the reason the disciples thought. They thought the coming of the Holy Spirit meant that they would restore all things..get them out and let them go free from Roman authority..and all the governmental stuff they had going on..but The Holy Spirit doesn’t come to fulfill our purposes…nah, it comes that we might be able to stay here on the earth in the midst of our situations being able to exhibit the Power of God as our lives are witnesses to the gospel, starting in our homes and working it’s way around the world..

When He taught them enough.. what he wanted to wrap up with after 3 1/2 years with them…he was gone..before their eyes, but not spiritually, only physically, He was getting ready to do something even greater in them.. and an angel came to tell them He would come back again..just as He had left..there would be another coming and He was now just setting the ground work for His would be through his church..He’s starting the building of it through those who are filled with the Holy Ghost power so that when He comes again we are ready without spot, blemish or wrinkle.

Get ready getting up day is coming..May the church arise with the Holy Spirit in power as Jesus desires!


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