replacing Judas Acts 1:12-26

Decision making…Doesn’t it happen in the lives of the best of us..

It happened even in the lives of the earliest disciples in the church as it was in it’s baby stages..First major decision that had to be made was Judas replacement..

The disciples had to decide who was be the 12 now that he had hang himself headlong…
First step in decision making..they made sure they were all Together…In one place..with one mind..This is a vital part..

It’s almost as though they all sat around the big table and decided firstly on criteria…they said this person would have to have been with them since..John’s baptism..and they would have had to have been so consistent they stayed until the very other words this person had to be a witness with they had to have seen all the events..

Set every area of your life..Always be sure there’s a godly standard..there most certainly was for this they made the first decisions in the church.

They didn’t just play it by ear and put out the ad and whoever showed up was hired..even the smallest companies don’t just hire think you can just get hired to a fortune 500….try!

Well, this was the criteria…and obviously 2 men from among them stepped up and said…Wooohooo!! I think that would be me!

They weren’t just both automatically chosen..
I think about single women who are looking for mates..Please make sure that the first brother that steps up to meet the criteria isn’t chosen just because he meets the criteria..

It wasn’t first come first serve…It was a time of set aside prayer..They had to go into prayer to make such a big decision..

I wonder, in your daily decisions are you seeking what the Lord would have you to do..
After they prayed it appeared they trusted God would answer through the casting of lots! It didn’t fall on Justus..sorry fell on Matthias…He was the one who was not only chosen by the people..he was chosen by God..sometimes it’s not good to even listen to the crows talking about..Ohhh his name is Joseph..that should be confirmation..don’t they call him Barnabus short for encouragement…sound like the spirit to me…No, they trusted the Lord God for their answer ..and this is how Judas was replaced…


the only reason this was posted today was that I couldn’t get online after electronics this week..I will try to post before 3p for this week..


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