The birth of the church

The church as we know it began in Acts 2…
This was a very important day for those who first witnessed the gospel to others..
It happens on a day they who followed Jesus were all in one place on one accord.. I would hope 120 wasn’t all that believed in Jesus the Christ, but they were certainly the numbered amount according to scripture…
When suddenly… the 50th day had fully come! It was time, this long awaited promise that Jesus the Christ would no longer be with them, now he’d live in them through the power of the holy spirit.
Always remember without the spirit of God you won’t effectively do the work of God.
After the holy spirit fell like tongues on them all, they had ability to do what they couldn’t do before, for instance they had boldness to speak to others about Jesus Christ, they had ability to speak in a language that they never went to school to learn.. trying it was an amazing day..
Yet the church has come so far from that day..
It probably wouldn’t be good to go back and relive that day as it was… but we do need an outpouring of the Holy Spirit on our churches today.. this way people won’t leave … Just like they walked in….


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