What’s needed “Day#4”

This was no doubt the day of Pentecost in full effect in Acts 2:13-28 It was Peter…the little Rock! Preaching that kingdom which the gates of hell still can’t stand against..

Peter’s text came from Joel…You know you can’t rightly preach a message that doesn’t have a passage..No exegesis was needed..Peter simply said what the word says…I think to a great extent that’s needed in many churches today..Stop watering it down..stop adding to it..Just say what the word says..that’s one thing I love about my pastor..not to boast on him..the man has one great quality..He sticks with the text and doesn’t try to make it something it’s not!

Peter …did just that…And if anyone was wondering how to be saved..the bible answered that…It wasn’t so much believe and be baptized as some religions profess from the book of Acts..here Peter simply told them to Call on the name of the Lord and they would be saved..
This where a lot of people struggle seeing we’re a society that struggles greatly with receiving anything free…There’s always strings attached somewhere …even sometimes from the nicest and sincerest seeming people…Is Peter now saying that All I have to do is place faith in the Lord Jesus Christ..this one they crucified and I would be given eternal life..and that life more abundantly here on it..
The offer was opened then and it still stands now..
What’s needed for salvation..”Believe with your heart, confess with your mouth …” and guess what…>You shall be saved!


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