The Picture of the Church!

Acts 2:28-47

This was a very profound study for me…I have to stop to evaluate how much the church resembles this picture now…
So just as a recap…Peter preached the first sermon after the resurrection of the Christ..and after being filled with the Holy Spirit…and there was an influx of people who joined ….3,000 to be exact..
Do you know why they were compelled to join the body of Christ?? One reason..they were exhorted..and told the truth! They were compelled to save themselves from this perverse generation..

Isn’t that true of our generation today!? We live in a culture where people are selling the remains of aborted fetus’ for money…People have no shame in going to an abortion clinic to take the life of a child that’s 30 weeks along in development. WE do live in a culture where it appears injustice prevails sometimes more than justice in our penal system for people of a certain race! I think we are living in that day now..when homosexuals get the same privileges of heterosexuals in marriage..when God specifically made his values known..Men have become lovers of themselves and there’s only one remedy.
We must save ourselves from this perverse generation..We must come to a point where we say we will continue steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and doing what they did in the first church..

The church has to reach a place of One accord..One mindedness in order to be able to reach the world..We first have to get unity more back biting and treating people in the church as though they are not our eternal family..Sisters and brothers in Christ..Is that how the people in this church treated eachother..

Here were the pre-requisites to joining this church:

#1.Repent- Turn from your old ways realizing they were wrong

#2. Be Baptized- water baptism is very important for the remission of sins

#3. Receive the gift of the Holy Spirit..

Trust me if you call on the name of the Lord He will not turn you away!

Now to live as part of the church…here are the requirements..Read the fine print carefully:

These people were

#1. Continue steadfast in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship

#2. Breaking bread, eating together daily,they were together and had all things in common.

#3. In prayer….

#4. Sold their possessions

#5. Have gladness and singleness of heart

#6. Let’s not forget the praising God part……We got that part pat down..but forget to add the others..
They saw signs and wonders the saw miracles.. People of God..If we ever want to make impact in any way for the kingdom..we don’t need to see the day geographically relived but we do need to see the principles re-enacted.

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