Power for what? Acts 3:1-10

This morning as I read Acts 3 something amazing happened.. I got a picture of what the Christian .. every person who ever professes Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior should look like..

I know that’s unpopular in this day.. to profess Jesus Christ as Lord and savior, it’s the only name that by professing you certainly gain life eternal but you might lose like temporal…

Peter had walked with Jesus and gleaned from his teachings but more than that watched his lifestyle. And now, after Pentecost has taken place, he has his first opportunity to act like Jesus!
Jesus made a statement while he yet lived that he didn’t do anything he hadn’t seen the father do.. now his food was to “do” the these same works.. and now comes Peter and John.. to the temple at the hour of prayer… when there’s a man begging.. how many times do you imagine they’d seen this man? But this time was different… someone greater was on the inside of Peter.. prompting him to stop and give attention to this man… just as Jesus didn’t heal every single person that was sick, Peter didn’t walk up and down to heal all the beggars!
But there was something profound about this event… because the power of the holy spirit hadn’t come just so they could speak in other tongues.. it came so that when they were through speaking in tongues they could go forth living the same way Jesus did, doing what he did.
Herein we have purpose for life… to be completely and totally led of the spirit is to see these miracles occur in our lives..


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