Peter’s appeal Acts 3:11-26

This was in effect Peter’s second sermon.. This preacher was taking off quickly… from day one, not wasting any moment or opportunity to tell others about this power that lived in him now with such boldness… he literally told these people because Pilate had decided to release Jesus it was them who killed him… but he still had a remedy to offer, what do you think it is… It’s found in vs 19..

Pause, just think a moment.. if you were as passionate and fervent about
Jesus as Peter was… what would you be saying if you knew these people you were speaking to were the same ones that yelled out “crucify him” to a man you knew personally didn’t deserve what they did to him.. I still struggle with that part.. but it’s a part of growing to look more like Jesus!

Peter’s appeal was that these people simply repent and return..
Isn’t that what Peter did? Oh wait now I see why he had such compassion.. This was the same Peter who himself deserted Jesus and denied him three times.. he’d experienced repentance and returning first hand.. I know you say, who is he to speak to them about crucifying Jesus.. he himself denied his boy.. but he had a greater plan in mind.. the plan of God.. that times of refreshing might come to these people, he appealed to them to do only these two things…
This is the same plea in every church today to the world.
Doesn’t matter what you’ve done.. come on in, the table is ready and he will lavish his love on you and not condemn you if you call on the name of the Lord!


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