No other name

Acts 4:1-22 Peter and John have now gotten a grand opportunity quickly in their ministry to be arrested and speak to priest, temple guard, and Sadducees… simply because they were teaching and preaching boldly in the name of Jesus the Christ who they claimed had resurrected from the dead…
Who had become the chief cornerstone the builders rejected…

They stood performing miracles, signs and wonders that were undeniable in the presence of all the people..

Peter being led of the holy spirit that was in him still, abiding, dwelling.. it hadn’t come and gone.. was not only able to heal the sick man but to speak these very words in the hearing of these men; “and there is salvation in no-one else and there’s no other name under heaven given man by which we must be saved.”

They were threatened to speak no longer in that name.. their response; “whether it Is right in the sight of God to give heed to you rather than God, you be the judge.”
We have no doubt they stood their ground.. and were released..
It takes a great Faith to put our lives and times in his hands believing even if we die for Christ sake they do us no disservice for we get to spend eternity with him and aren’t afraid of that…

Whom has the holy ghost possessed so they would live like this today!


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