Fearless in the face of difficulty

For those of you that don’t know ..about 2 years ago..I was working at a hospital in Corinth Texas, and I was called into the CEO’s office with the HR manager. It had been bought to their attention that I had asked on of the male nurses named Mark if he knew Jesus Christ…and that I was offering Jesus as a remedy to his life’s struggles..He went and told them along with another one of my co-workers that I was pushing Jesus..by having scriptures written on my desk…and they began to plant notes I didn’t write….asking them to choose Jesus..I knew I hadn’t done these things..but it was a plot to get me fired..When I was called into the office they asked me to speak no more in the name Of Jesus or ask anyone to receive Him…I was heart broken ..and I didn’t know how to react..

In Acts 4:23-31 we see clearly the response that should have taken place..As a christian you can not afford to be easily offended..as a christian you also can’t afford to wear your feelings on your shoulder..We can see in the presence of the priest and elders Peter and John were fearless..but when they got back to the family..the bible says they stood in prayer…They stood before the Lord God of all creation..and they petitioned him to grant them the boldness in the face of difficulty to speak in His name…

The bible says at this point the Holy Spirit came on them….AGAIN…this time however it doesn’t report that anyone spoke with other tongues…


It’s amazing to see the spirit of boldness they took to the Lord…even in regard to what they prayed about the priest…and the elders..who were the ones who were trying to prevent them from speaking in HIS name…You would think these would be the group of people who would be okay with that…but it’s amazing these men couldn’t even go to the church and speak about the name above all names…

So it is …we stand in a position today that when we are rightly persecuted for our faith we will have a choice..and we could pray and bring it to our God fervently or choose to let what has happened rattle us and shut us down forever!


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